World-class recruiting = world-class employment

Let me get right to the point: We at CEG Partners believe we are the best local source for finding world-class talent for your rapidly growing Arkansas business. We have the tools, resources and experience to find the best talent. We’re not like any other employment agency – we specialize in nationwide recruitment for world-class talent.

No matter what you do, you need to hire a recruiter – even if it’s not CEG Partners. There’s a lot to consider, and you need help. Here are four reasons why:

Human resource departments, especially in small- to medium-sized companies, are not equipped (or staffed) to do world-class, nationwide job-candidate searches. Most HR departments today lean toward risk management, not hiring. They’re about procedures, policy, insurance benefits and making sure companies toe state and federal lines when it comes to discrimination or the Family Medical Leave Act. Sometimes they even serve as counselors or organize employee programs.

Of course your HR department is important to your organization, but do you really want to trust your important hiring decisions to someone who’s spread so thin?

Chances are the best talent for your position is already employed and not looking for a new position. He’s either a. happy in where he is and doesn’t consider himself in the job market, or, b. too busy to look for something new. But presented with the right opportunity, your dream employee may be more than willing to make a move, and CEG can make your dream – and your new employee’s — come true.

We’re experienced professionals who know how to search for candidates who don’t even know they want to be found.

The best talent is an important investment in the future of your company. As with any investment, you want the best return for your money. CEG can help you get that return by finding high achievers who match the future you envision for your company. Perhaps those achievers work for companies you hope to emulate – or perhaps they work for your competitor and would be more comfortable talking to a third-party recruiter than taking the risk of talking directly to the competition.

If you’re the head of a small but growing business, you certainly don’t have the time to spend on searching for the best talent for your company. Enough said.

Even so, you may still want to try finding new talent on your own, and, if so, let me offer you some tips, because it can be a daunting task.

Other than the obvious social networking sources, industry conferences and seminars are a good place to start. National associations hold meetings and conferences, sometimes several times a year, and guess who gets sent to those conferences? Employers send their cream of the crop. What company would send its worst performers to represent the company? You should be there too, meeting people, making connections and scouting potential new hires.

Likewise, training programs for your industry are good places to meet job candidates. If someone has been sent for a certification or advanced training, you can believe she’s worth it. Smart businesses don’t invest in lesser talent. Again, you should be meeting the cream of the crop, so if someone has potential, ask her to lunch or dinner to size up her situation. At worst, you’ll make a new contact. At best, you’ll find a great job candidate.

But why head into this on your own when professionals are a phone call or email away? Scouting talent is what we’re trained to do.

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Because the time for smart growth is now.