Why Hire an External Recruiter? The Costs of an Internal Recruiter

Many CEO’s and owners of companies are asking themselves at least one of these questions on a weekly basis:

  1. What does employee turnover cost my company?
  2. What does it REALLY cost me to hire a director level position (in both time and money)?
  3. I thought this was a down economy – why isn’t my HR group finding the right candidates?
  4. Why does it take so long for HR to fill a position?
  5. Why did the person we hired 6 months ago not work out?

Many times the answers to these questions aren’t easily found without some research, which also takes time and money. So let me save you the hassle and get right to the heart of the issue at hand.

You need a recruiter.

You need a recruiter for several reasons, but the biggest is that hiring an internal recruiter or staffing an entire HR department, costs much more money than hiring a single external recruiter only when you need them. Think about everything that goes into hiring personnel. You have to run ads, place job descriptions on online websites, leaf through hundreds of resumes, interview candidates, and then perform background and credit checks. The price of having a salaried recruiter alone is usually much higher than just hiring a recruiter for a position you need to fill.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have someone skilled in all of the areas of recruitment to handle the entire process for you? Someone you wouldn’t have to micro-manage or check with each week to make sure the job was getting filled? Better yet, someone who could fill a position within two weeks?

We can, and regularly do at CEG Partners Recruiting Services.

Kevin Fair, our new executive recruiter is skilled in all of the facets of hiring and staffing. He can find top talent and match them with the right company to ensure a mutually beneficial fit. He’s been making these types of matches for over 15 years.

The best part – at CEG Partners we handle everything for you.