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Know When Your Business Needs Outside HR Help

Most large businesses’ HR departments use recruiters, but smaller companies can also benefit from hiring a Human Resource Agency to take on the responsibilities involved in safe, effective hiring practices.  An HR person, besides sourcing, screening and hiring qualified personnel, is also in charge of making sure the company complies with all labor and employment laws. Affording someone to handle strictly HR responsibilities, especially in a smaller company or a start-up isn’t easy. When management tries to allocate various HR tasks over several employees (such as assigning payroll responsibilities to the finance chief or having department heads handle employee issues within their department), can be counterproductive.  If your company is growing, and HR responsibilities are overwhelming, outsourcing HR could be the solution you need.


  • TIME: You’re Taken Away From Your Job Related Tasks. As a business owner or upper management, you have many responsibilities that are not just providing the products or services for which your business or position was created.  An HR person spends quite a bit of time learning about employment law, running background checks, sourcing, phone-screening, pre-interviews and checking references for each candidate. The entire process, in order to get what you are need, is quite time consuming.  If you find yourself not getting the right resumes, or being disappointed in the candidates compared to their resumes, then it is time to get help.
  • LIABILITY: You Are Concerned About Liability.  A skilled recruiter is familiar with EEOC requirements, collective bargaining agreements, recruiting, and training, and is able to find job candidates to fill your staffing needs as well as culture fit. If you do have an HR person, but a specific job carries quite a bit of liability, you should consider an outside recruiter.   By outsourcing, you give responsibility to someone who is specifically trained in the practical and legal aspects of HR.  The cost of just one tax reporting violation could pay for a year of outsourced HR.
  • FINANCES: You Need to Save Money.  Outsourcing saves you time and money.  When you outsource HR, you gain the expertise of someone you won’t have to train or pay. For the most part, you pay as needed.  In addition, you receive services which may include time intensive tasks such as payroll. When you have a competent outside agency handling HR responsibilities, you spend a fraction of what you would to hire an extra person full time.
  • EFFICIENCY: You Can’t Respond to Changes as Quickly as Needed:  Businesses nowadays have to be deft and responsive to change in order to keep up with the competition. When a new opportunity or project comes along, you may have to find and hire employees quickly to meet your obligations.   There is no need to lose an opportunity because your HR person does not have the time to drop everything to focus on a time-sensitive opportunity.   It is much more efficient to use an experienced recruiter.

CEG Partners is experienced in technical staffing.  We have placed candidates in a wide variety of industries.  Some of the job titles that we have placed are:  Network Engineer, Project Manager, Program Manager, Database Administrator, Mechanical and Electrical Engineer, Quality Engineer, Process Engineer, Manager Home Service Operations, Director of Outside Sales, Director of Inside Sales, General Manager, Design Engineer, Senior Sales Manager and many more.  Let us help you with your company’s HR needs.