Top 10 mistakes recruiters make: #2 Failing to check references

Brandy Ford

By Brandy Ford, Senior Recruiter and Consultant

If you are a job seeker, take note. I’m going to let you on the “inside” of how great recruiters think and work to find you a job. If you are a recruiter, it’s time to step up your game. In this series I’ll be discussing the top 10 mistakes most recruiters make on a daily basis, and how to stop this cycle to ensure maximum results for your clients.

Common Mistake #2: Failing to check references.

This is not only a great way to hear more about your candidate, but references are also good for learning more about what will help you sell your candidate to your client. In other words…when a previous supervisor states that  “Joe was a great Project Manager; although he didn’t carry the title or wasn’t recognized as a PM, he was really good at managing projects, and came in on time and under budget….he’s a great communicator.” This one reference has given you several selling points to offer your clients about Joe. Who better to know exactly what kind of worker your candidate is, than the very people who worked most closely with him. And remember – even contractors need to be reference checked.

As for you job seekers – remember to list references who can attest to your abilities and your work ethic. Be sure to ask their permission first so they know a phone call may be coming, and thank them in advance for their kind words and help. A great way to thank them is to return the favor and be one of their references as well. It never hurts to reciprocate.

Check back next week for Common Mistake #3: Failing to ask the hard questions.

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