Top 10 mistakes recruiters make: #10 Ignoring candidates

Brandy Ford






By: Brand Ford, Sr. Recruiter and Consultant

This is the final in my 10-part recruiters’ mistakes series, and I hope you’ve enjoyed my posts, and learned a little along the way. The final mistake I’d like to discuss, #10, is the biggest of them all:

Looking at a candidate that isn’t a current fit as someone you don’t need to pay attention to.

Frankly, recruiters have the hard task of keeping up with a lot of people. But just because someone doesn’t fit the job you called them about, doesn’t mean you should throw them into the ‘not going to use’ pile. Schedule a follow-up email and find out where they took a new job, or if they are still on the market. Showing them that you’re thinking of them will show your level of professionalism.

In addition, if you’re a candidate, although you may not be a perfect fit for a recruiter’s open position, a good recruiter will take the time to make notes on your top 3-4 skills for future reference. They’ll call or email you with inquiries on what your next career expectations may be, and ask you to explain to them in brief what might be a good fit in case something were to come open.

A good recruiter won’t just pass up on a candidate that comes in who fits within the industry and skill set they place their candidate in. But, if you apply with a recruiter and you’re a Financial Analyst and they’re a “technical recruiter”, most likely you will not hear from that recruiter. Which only makes good common sense. After all, you wouldn’t go to a dentist for an ear infection.


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