This is Not Your Father’s Job Search!

Hiring Millennials – Your Company Needs Them

 And Here is Why …

The first thing to consider when hiring these young and eager to succeed individuals is that training is not what it used to be.  This generation coming into the workforce, referred to as millennials, grew up using computers, smart phones and the internet.  New programs, applications and technical attributes come to them intuitively by the time they have joined the workforce.  If they seem genuinely interested in being part of your group and have most of the skills you require, give them a chance.  Of course there are exceptions, but in general, this group is very tech savvy.   Training cost in time and man hours should be very minimal to your company.  These talented individuals also tend to be on top of the latest and greatest in technical news, they will probably have innovative ideas when it comes to new technology within your company.

Statistics based on studies of “Generation Y” a.k.a. “Millennials”

  • By the year 2020 46% of all U.S. work force will be Millennials
  • 64 % will ask about social media policies during job interviews
    • 24% of those say it would be a key factor in accepting the offer
  • 52% say opportunities for career progression made an employer attractive
  • 65% said the opportunity for personal development was the most influential factor in their current job
  • Only 22% saw training and development as the most valued benefit from an employer

Based on survey findings, something else to consider is the millennial’s vision of a working environment.  Millennials understand technology has made it possible to be able to work from just about anywhere.  A good portion of them do not necessarily expect the typical 9-5.  Some of them are much happier and more productive sitting at their laptop getting things done all by themselves than they are being surrounded by people.  As long as the work is done, and they are able to effectively communicate with those they must communicate with then this may not be a negative attribute.  In actuality, it is more economical to hire a brilliant young mind and not pay to relocate them, it broadens your range of applicants as well as saving your company money.

Also, these younger people, ages 18-35, tend to consider the long recruitment process “archaic”, your process should be efficient and effective.  You need to be able to reassure your candidate that they will not get lost in a sea of resumes.

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