Leadership Skills – 4 Steps to Building a Productive Team







By: Lou McAlister, Senior Consultant

The New York Times has at least 8 professional sports teams to cover, 6 of which are in the middle of competitive seasons. And yet, it was an out-of-season baseball team from the Midwest that captured major space on the front page of the Sports Section recently. Why did the St. Louis Cardinals become a feature story instead of the hometown Yankees or Mets?

In a word – team. The Cardinals announced that they were trading, or otherwise disposing of, players that made key contributions to their success during the last few seasons. They were announcing the promotion of young players likely to be the new heroes for the organization. They were announcing the re-assignment of players to better match their playing skills to positions on the field. In short, they were doing what they always do. Now, that isn’t news in St. Louis, but in New York…

Even a quick review of the Cardinals’ record, reveals an organization that is a great example of high-performance teambuilding at its best. Team building is one of the most important leadership skills to develop and it applies to more than just sports teams.

4 Steps to Building a Productive Team

1.         Find good people

Sometimes this is expressed as recruiting the best athlete, the smartest talent, or the best and brightest. That isn’t the whole story, though. It really boils down to Read more Leadership Skills – 4 Steps to Building a Productive Team