Cautious Optimism Revealed From Business Leaders Confidence Survey

There’s finally light at the end of the tunnel and good news for Arkansas businesses this year, as our survey of more than 100 CEO’s, Presidents and Arkansas leaders reveals*.

Over 64% of Arkansas business leaders said they expect increased sales revenues during the first six months of this year. This number increases to 73% if you eliminate the Health Care sector, which is great news for Arkansans of all professions.

To read more about these great findings in Roby Brock’s article in Talk Business, click here.

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* The Business Leaders Confidence Survey was conducted from November 17-26, 2013 in conjunction with Talk Business and the Arkansas Chamber of Commerce. The survey asked questions of CEOs, Presidents, Plant Managers, and other business leaders in Arkansas across all major industries, and more than 100 leaders responded.

Arkansas Business Leaders Survey Results Show Slight Optimism






By: Mike Stafford, Managing Partner and Senior Consultant

The results are in! Click here to see what other business leaders in Arkansas have to say about the economy, jobs and the future for Arkansas businesnses, in an article by Roby Brock from Talk Business.

A few takaways:

  • 56% said revenues would increase slightly during the next 6 months, with another 8% saying revenues would increase significantly.
  • Just 16% said revenues would stay the same, and a combined 20% expect revenues to decline.
  • However among the health care sector, just 24% expected increased revenues with 64% saying finances would decrease slightly or significantly.
  • 40% of business leaders expect significant or slight employee hiring. 35% see no change, while 24% expect a slight decline in headcount.
  • 41% expect to increase slightly their capital expenditures in Arkansas, while 31% expect no change. Just 17% expected to decrease cap ex spending.

See the full artilce here.

Business Leaders Economic Confidence Survey for Arkansas

Business Leaders Economic Confidence Survey for Arkansas
Business Leaders Economic Confidence Survey for Arkansas

We want to know what you think!

In our ongoing pursuit to help Arkansas companies maximize profit and hire the best talent, we are conducting a quick survey on the economic environment and need your input.

CEG Partners has teamed up with Talk Business and the Arkansas State Chamber of Commerce to conduct the Business Leaders Economic Confidence Survey for Arkansas. Our goal is to gauge what top level executives – CEO’s, CFO’s, company presidents, and top managers – consider challenges and opportunities in the current and future economy of this great state.

This survey that will take less than 5 minutes to complete, but will be tremendously beneficial for all of us in Arkansas.  All responses will remain anonymous.

Thank you for your participation.

Click now to access the survey!

CEG and Talk Business team up to create business leaders survey



CEG Partners and Talk Business are teaming up this fall to create the Business Leaders Confidence Survey.

Roby Brock and the team over at Talk Business will launch this new survey at the same time they plan on resuming their Consumer Confidence polling. They are partnering with CEG Partners to create a new measurement tool to gauge what Read more CEG and Talk Business team up to create business leaders survey