How to get referrals







By: Mike Stafford, Managing Partner and Senior Consultant

Everyone needs referrals in business. And no matter what type of business you’re in, they are the best kinds of leads  you can get. The person who was referred to you already has a good opinion of you, simply because their friend or collegaue recommended you.

So, in the search for referrals, one of our recruiters posed a few questions, and they’re ones we hear often:

Why wouldn’t someone want to help out their friend who’s looking for a job? Why wouldn’t they take up an offer to cash in on a referral bonus? What’s the fear here? What keeps people from forwarding a job description or passing along a name and number?

#1 Eliminate Competition

Part of it, I suppose, has to do with a perception of competition. If I tell you Read more How to get referrals