3 reasons to change your hiring process

stop wasting time

By: Kathleen Stafford Branton

If it takes you months just to hire one person, something is wrong. Clearly you want an expert when it comes to hiring the right talent, just like you want someone experienced to handle your taxes, or heaven forbid, a lawsuit. You don’t attempt things you don’t know enough about, or don’t have time for – and let’s face it, your HR department is likely stressed as it is. YOU may even be that stressed out HR recruiter!

We know recruiting, because it’s what many other companies like yours have hired us to do. With us, it’s about quality not quantity. We will send you no more than five qualified candidates, vs. the hundreds of unqualified resumes you’re probably dealing with today. We also have a risk-free placement guarantee and can even payroll the employee while you make up your mind.

So enough of all that, let’s help you figure out why your hiring process is broken Because like we said, if it takes you months, something is wrong.

Mistake #1: You have an inexperienced person looking for candidates. This should be common sense, but you’d be surprised how it’s not. Many times the person conducting the candidate search has no idea what the job really entails. Sure they have a job description, but we have found 80% of job descriptions only minimally describe the key elements of the position. The other problem is, they don’t know what your vision is, or who would be a good “fit” for your team and company. We take the time to really get to know your company, your industry and your desires in finding the right talent. There’s no guessing, so there’s no mistakes; it’s just that simple.

Mistake #2: Too many hoops. You can’t have so many hoops and rules that anyone trying to hire someone has to go through an elaborate process just to interview them. The best candidates are going to go quickly so they won’t put up with an inefficient hiring process. An inefficient hiring process also implies you don’t know what you’re doing; and let’s face it, bad word gets around quickly.

We aren’t those people. We have a proven track record of getting the job done quickly and effectively.

Mistake #3: Rushing the process. On the other end of the spectrum is rushing the process so much that you run the risk of hiring horrible talent who pretend to be someone they’re not. This will cost you time and tons of money. A bad hire can cost you money, time and embarrassment – depending on what they say and do with your customers. Nothing costs you more money than having to hire and train an endless parade of new employees. There shouldn’t be a revolving door; there should be an effective plan to ensure employee retention. And this can be achieved not only through improving your hiring process, but also through ensuring your employees are happy where they’re at. But that’s another blog for another time.

Look, we know you want to hire the right talent in the right amount of time. Don’t trust this process to just anyone, and don’t stress out your HR department any more than they already are.

Contact us today to see how we can help you.

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