Career Change: The BARE Necessities

Career change is a difficult but often necessary process. It can take you on a psychological and emotional roller coaster ride. Why the ride? Because for a long time, your career has defined who you are. You have established an identity. The uncertainty about your future, changes in your routine and lifestyle, the thought of once again establishing rapport with new co-workers, perhaps a pay-cut, and getting out of your comfort zone, all may cause monumental increases in your anxiety levels. Since a career change has a profound effect on you, the tendency is that it will also affect the people around you, and those who depend on you for support. The roller coaster ride snowballs, creating more fear from within. When fear builds up, it renders you helpless, and reinforces “fight or flight” behavior. This then hinders your desire for change in your professional life.

There are as many reasons for a career change as there are stars in the sky. One may be because of job loss. Job loss may either be the result of Read more Career Change: The BARE Necessities