Arkansas Business Leaders Economic Survey Mid-Year Results 2015

Results are in – Arkansas Businesses Continue to Project Revenue Growth

Optimistic Outlook Continues

The 2015 mid-year survey covers industries ranging from Airlines & Aerospace to Energy & Utilities – and every industry in between.  More than half the companies surveyed have an annual revenue of over $10M, more than 60 percent have over 50 employees and over 75 percent are officers of the company (CEO, CFO, VPs and other upper management titles.)

Recent results are similar to this time last year with 69 percent expecting sales revenue to continue to increase. Over half expect Arkansas employment to increase the remaining half of 2015 which is up 4% from 2014 so confidence levels are rising.

In answering to rate criteria based on its impact to Arkansas business leaders’ company’s workforce growth the top four responses are as follows,

  1. Candidate pool is limited
  2. Candidate skill set is lacking
  3. Candidates do not have required education
  4. Their company does not have the resources to recruit / hire

Our research indicates that the real problem is the fourth concern – Companies do not have resources to identify and attract top talent. What companies and candidates need is a type of “match-maker”. That’s the approach CEG Partners takes. We have a unique database of highly skilled candidates who live in Arkansas or are willing to move here for the right opportunity. We also offer consulting services to help accelerate your company’s profits.

About CEG Partners

CEG Partners is experienced in consulting, executive search and technical staffing. Our IT staffing agency includes – IT recruiting, IT staffing, Tech staffing, as well as sourcing IT consultants for many of our clients. Our consulting practice includes – Program Management, Six Sigma (and Lean Six Sigma), Customer Experience, Customer Retention, Process Improvement, Customer Loyalty, as well as Customer Surveys. Please contact us for all of your consulting and staffing needs, whether you’re a job seeker or an employer.

Top 10 Mistakes Recruiters Make: #7 Failing to get candidate feedback.

Brandy Ford


By: Brandy Ford, Senior Recruiter and Consultant

In last week’s post I discussed the mistake some recruiters make in failing to prep candidates for interviews. This week I’d like to talk about another way recruiters can drop the ball, by failing to get candidate feedback.

Common Mistake #7: Failing to get candidate feedback from your clients.

This is just downright unfair. The reason your client gives you as to why they didn’t pick your candidate might be a real easy one like- “they didn’t have the skills we were looking for.” But as a recruiter, it’s your job to take care of Read more Top 10 Mistakes Recruiters Make: #7 Failing to get candidate feedback.