Hire Within Days Not Months!

As Full Service Recruiters CEG Partners makes hiring easy:

EFFICIENT – We send no more than 4 qualified candidates. You will want at least one!

SIMPLE – We know recruiting, it’s what WE are hired to do.

SAFE – We have a placement guarantee and can even payroll the employee while you decide whether to hire them.

FAST – Our target is to send you the first candidate within 72 hours of engagement.

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    As a corporate recruiter or hiring manager, your time is valuable and you have to be efficient when hiring new employees. You also have to make sure the person you hire is a good fit, and that the hire “sticks”.

    So why then is it taking months to fill that critical position? You need to change your approach.

    Like most companies, your hiring process is:

    1. Overwhelming – your inbox if full of grossly under qualified candidates.
    2. Too Long – most companies take over 60 days to hire – many managers just give up or the executives cancel the position.
    3. Frustrating – recruiting and hiring takes you away from what YOU were hired to do.
    4. Risky Business – bad hires cost the company money (i.e. lost opportunity, theft, etc.)

    Let CEG Partners make hiring easy for you

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