Recruiting Realities – Myths about Recruiters

If you’re in the market for a new job, the whole process can be quite daunting. A friend of mine, who was part of the massive lay-offs in 2009 and has a penchant for the dramatics, once quipped that looking for a new job is like a mystical journey into the unknown. There is no roadmap, often only cryptic messages from prospective employers or dead ends.

If you’re like my good friend who sees this as an insurmountable task, then you need someone to guide you. You need someone who has been on this journey and can help you navigate through peaks and valleys of the job search process. Again from my friend who has a flare for the dramatics, “Someone who has been in the belly of the beast.”  (By the way, she is now a successful IT Consultant.)

When it comes to job searching, recruiters (AKA headhunters) fit the bill. They have the experience, know-how, and connections to help you with the recruitment process. Before engaging with one, you must first understand the true nature of headhunters.

Headhunters provide professional consulting services to companies. They help companies identify core needs, develop short and long-term recruitment strategies, and assist them in finding the most qualified talents. With years of experience in human resources (some as internal recruiters), they are adept at recruiting at most levels- from basic IT staffing and even executive search for C-level executives. They also have broad-based experiences in various industries including telecommunications (telecom), information technology (IT staffing and IT recruiting) segments, and manufacturing and distribution. But not all recruiters/headhunters are alike and not all of them can find talent in a specialized area like IT and Telecom.

You may have heard many things about headhunters, but before engaging with one, let’s demystify the headhunter mythology.

Myth # 1: Recruiters are agents who work for you, the job candidate. Recruiters help candidates look for jobs, but they also find the best candidates for their clients. They are hired by organizations to pre-qualify and present talents who have specific skills and/or experiences. Recruiters do not make the hiring decision, their job is to present the right candidates to their clients (companies) who meet or exceed the requirements for the position.

Myth #2: Recruiters don’t negotiate. Experienced recruiters are keen negotiators but they are working to meet the needs of both the candidate and the client. Recruiting fees are paid by the employer, so there is no cost to candidates for all the services recruiters provide.  Recruiters negotiate from a Win-Win scenario, obtaining a fair salary for their candidate that meets the industry rates for the position being filled.

Myth #3: Recruiting companies have exclusive hold for the positions they’re trying to fill. This is not true for all cases. Companies are seeking to fill their positions right away, so they sometimes solicit the help of multiple recruiting companies. This is especially true for the high demand fields like IT Recruiting. Therefore, headhunters work very hard in qualifying job applicants before presenting their candidates to companies for interviews. Headhunters want to enhance the client’s customer experience and increase customer retention in the hopes of eventually securing exclusive head hunting contracts.

Myth #4: Headhunters are just filling positions, they have no understanding of the positions they are recruiting for. Most recruiters have several years as human resources professionals and sometimes they have psychology degrees.  They draw upon their experience working for various companies and industries. In their career, they have dealt with writing job descriptions, being part of performance appraisals and reviewing thousands of resumes. Candidates should not even consider meeting with a recruiter and think that they can just “wing it”. Experienced recruiters can spot inconsistencies on written and verbal responses.

Myth #5: Headhunting is near extinction. Regardless of having their own HR departments, more and more companies invest in headhunters. Every department has been trimmed back in this economic environment, and that includes HR. Sourcing jobs to headhunters facilitates a faster and more efficient recruitment process than performing talent acquisition in house.

Looking for a new job can be stressful enough, let experienced recruiters help you. Take advantage of their impressive network of professional contacts, business experience and negotiation skills. Let them work to your advantage. Don’t take this journey alone; find an experienced headhunter to guide you.

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