Mike Stafford on KATV – Top 3 Reasons to Use a Recruiter.


By: Mike Stafford, Managing Partner and Sr. Consultant

I was recently on KATV to discuss the 3 main reasons you should use a recruiter. Well, it’s important to first understand a little more about what we at CEG Partners do, and who we do it for.

CEG Partners is a Consulting and Recruiting company – we have experience from both sides of the employment “desk”.

In the last few segments I discussed:

1.    Re-invigorating your career

2.    Online job search tips

3.    The importance of LinkedIn – click here to read all about it.

But, here are the 3 main reasons you should work with a recruiter: 

1 – They won’t cost you a dime – If one tries to charge you, move on. It won’t reduce what the company pays you (in fact, it may improve it). 

2 – 3rd party honest feedback – Use them as a sounding board, for resume review, and even in obtaining reference checks with the people who know your work the best.

3 – Critical company insights – They know the company’s culture, if you’re a good personality fit, what the employees/company does for fun, and what questions might be asked at the interview. They can also tell you what’s negotiable and what’s not.

Think: You are a rock star – the recruiter is your agent. Just make sure they are experienced in your industry.

Want a great job with a great growing AR company?

Our friends at Wal-Mart have tons of jobs paying around $80K posted in AR (most in Bentonville).

A job CEG Partners is hiring for: Project Manager – Processes


  • B.S. Degree in Business or equivalent
  • 1+ year in finance, sourcing, IT, PM or related
  • 1+ year large scale system implementation

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