IT Staffing and IT Certifications

IT Staffing and IT Certifications
No IT Certification? No problem. IT staffing with CEG Partners.

No Certificate? No License? No Problem!

There are too many qualified people out there who cannot get a job, even an IT job.  In some cases, it’s because the IT Staffing person believes that a particular certification is required to fill the position.  That’s a problem.  Companies should be hiring staff, especially IT staff, based on the individual’s experience and potential – not whether he or she can pass a test.

Case in point, our IT Architect, Seth Mikkelsen, says that databases are all pretty much the same, “you put data in and you take data out”.  If you can figure out one – you can figure out another.  Seth then goes on to compare the IT industry to other trades (yes, I said trades).

Take a profession like carpentry. You’ve likely never heard of a Carpenter not getting hired because he can’t work with a specific type of wood, right? Probably not! If they can build with oak, they can build with pine – they just might have the experience to know that one is stronger than the other.  Looking at this example, it does make one wonder why we are we not using this logic when it comes to IT staffing.

Part of it could be that the industry changes so drastically at times that something once seen as top-of-the-line, is seen as outdated a year or two later. IT professionals stay on top of their game, or they could easily become obsolete, and most of them do stay up to date on the latest and greatest technical trends and upgrades. In reality, things haven’t’ changed so dramatically over the years that they couldn’t transfer their skills from one database to another.

Here is an example of job titles of IT staffing positions.  All of these could and will be edited and/or updated at any time and without notice.

* IT Support   * Networking Specialist   *Hardware Specialist   * User Interface Developer   * Database Developer * Function & Algorithm Developer –

Lets stop here, this list could go on forever, and two years from now, the title changes would be made.  The most important questions are “what needs to be done?”  “What experience does the individual need to have?” “Do they even need experience in a specific industry or is it more important to know their software, hardware or machinery?”

In the IT staffing Industry, there are many more than just a handful of people who are able to figure out the inner workings of a piece of equipment or a system just because their brain works this way.  If you find someone who just “gets it” and can do what you need to get done then why not hire them?

The point is this – let’s not pigeonhole the truly gifted IT industry professionals.  If you have a carpenter that only works with Oak, guess what, you better like a lot of Oak!

If you need help finding an IT job, or you are looking for an IT staffing professional who knows what they are doing, you’ve come to the right place. This is what CEG Partners does, we “Find the Right People”!

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