How to improve your online presence through online marketing

When it comes to online marketing and websites many people have this mentality that “If you build it, they will come.”

This couldn’t be further from the truth.

Like anything else worth doing in life you must have a plan, goals and measurable objectives, and –most importantly – you must be active!

This usually involves more time, effort and creativity than you have the resources or energy for. You need a media calendar to plan for frequent, relevant content posts and you need a good writer who can hook and hold a distracted audience’s attention. You also need calls to action which always draw the readers to click here, read more, or go back to your website.

Basically, you should always have all roads leading back to your website. On that note, my next article will be about how important your website is for your business and how you need this to be projecting the right image before EVER driving traffic to it.

But back to online marketing. Online marketing is a gray area for a lot of people mainly because they’re either not doing it right or they’re too busy to stay on top of it. But there’s a reason some people, like myself, have full-time jobs doing online marketing – because it works. But only if done correctly and strategically.

Furthermore you can’t tell if you’re doing anything right if you don’t, say it with me, measure it! My favorite quote is “If it can be measured, it can be improved.” And that is so true.

So, in order of importance for improving your online presence you need to do the following:

  1. Set specific goals, objectives, plans and tactics. Calendars are extremely helpful here, as are frequent measurements or meetings to check up on how things are flowing or if they’re going according to plan.
  2. Get your website optimized and looking perfect. Don’t send people to a rinky-dink website that looks like a third-grader created it. This is worth the investment, and it’s worth it to hire someone who knows a thing or two about SEO (for those who don’t know that’s Search Engine Optimization), so you can be found more quickly by potential clients.
  3. Hire a good writer. This one is so key for anything you want to do in business. Most business owners are great at math, money, detailed charts and graphs or analytical things, but they despise writing. You must have a good writer on staff at all times; they are always an asset.
  4. Get on the big three social media sites. Get a Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter account as soon as you get the first three points completed. My next articles will go over which ones are best for B2B, B2C, or networking opportunities, and how to utilize them in the most efficient and free ways.
  5. Consider utilizing YouTube. I know what you’re thinking – Huh? Why on earth would I use that for my business? I’ll tell you why in my final article of this series, but consider how great it is to put a face with a name or logo and to hear directly from a human how to do something, or to “meet” the CEO of the company you’re considering investing in or partnering with. Better yet, how about an educational or tutorial-based short video? Trust me, the possibilities are endless.

I know by now you may feel overwhelmed by the thought of all the to-do’s I’ve just listed. But CEG Partners is here to help. We have tested these tools on our own websites and other companies’ sites and have proven, measurable results showing they actually work.

Don’t forget – we have many resources at your disposal. So just what is our bottom line? We help smart companies become more profitable.