The High Cost of Not Using a Recruiter

If you are getting ready to head into the job market, be prepared to endure a now even longer wait time- Glassdoor Economic Research found that the interview process time has almost doubled within just a few years. The length of the process surprisingly relates to a variety of factors including location and city population. While a company can take multiple steps in hiring employees to ensure a safe and “bulletproof” process, they still end up with a large percentage of bad hires. Companies often tend to get overwhelmed and confused during the process of bringing in new hires; when the company is overwhelmed, the wrong people for the job may end up being hired. It’s easy to get overwhelmed when you must sort through 100s of unqualified resumes for a job post. Even though in-efficient hiring practices occur often, the cost of it typically goes un-noticed.

Per the Society for Human Resources Management, the cost of a bad hire can be up to FIVE TIMES the salary they were making. That would mean that an original $40,000 salary just cost you $200,000. Research has claimed that companies usually hire the wrong person due to their job definition and job specification – these two descriptions should be different but companies make the mistake of listing them too similarly. Another reason companies find bad hires is the concept of “cultural misfit.” Cultural misfit is when an employee collides with the cultural values and beliefs of the company which can be avoided.

The complications that come with hiring employees can easily be relieved by hiring the RIGHT PEOPLE! Recruiters who specialize in hiring appropriate and qualified people for a specific job position and can take the stress away from human resources and hiring managers.

At CEG Partners we have perfected a Proprietary hiring process designed by our very own Process Engineer. We pride ourselves at being:

  • EFFICIENT – We send no more than 4 qualified candidates. You will want at least one!
  • SIMPLE – We know recruiting, it’s what WE are hired to do.
  • SAFE – We have a placement guarantee and can even payroll the employee while you decide whether to hire them.
  • FAST – Our target is to send you the first candidate within 72 hours of engagement!

If you don’t hire us, please hire a professional recruiting firm for your most important hires and save yourself some time, frustration, and Money!



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