Five Ways To Retain Your Employees


If you want to keep the good employees that you have, you need to remember a few things.  It takes a lot of time and money to train a new employee, and you’re never certain that he/she can measure up to the one you lost through your own negligence!


  1. First of all, don’t take them for granted. Let them know they are appreciated.


  1. Secondly, challenge them. Help them grow to be the best they can be.  Sometimes, they don’t even realize their own potential and may need motivation.


  1. Pay them what they’re worth not only with high salaries, if possible, but with benefits, such as flexible work schedules and family time. Show them respect and compliment them on jobs well done.


  1. Think about your environment. Walk into your office or building slowly with new eyes.  Would you like to work there?  How about the environment? Décor? Lighting? What about the office politics?  Tension between workers?


  1. Prepare your employees for better jobs or for starting businesses on their own. This may seem counter-productive, but in this economy, workers know that they could be laid off in the future even though they are doing a good job.  Contribute to their job growth by making sure they work with the most cutting-edge equipment or have been sent to periodic seminars to learn the latest technologies.   Think you can’t afford to train your workers and risk them leaving? Would you rather not train them and have them stay?


Source: The Huffington Post