Our consultants and contractors can help you with major transformation projects. We will put the right expertise in place at your company to help you improve your people, processes, or systems.

CEG Services

  • Operational Excellence
  • Planning and Project Management
  • Training & Certification

We provide Operational Excellence through Lean Six Sigma process improvement, Planning and Project Management, as well as Training & Certification for your employees.


Lean is about improving the speed of service delivery to your customers while Six Sigma is about improving quality. Combining both speed and quality to your customer facing processes allows for dramatic improvement to your company’s bottom line!
Here are just a few ways applying Lean Six Sigma practices can help your organization:

  • Reduce customer frustration due to extended wait times in line or on hold.
  • Improve employee morale by eliminating needless steps between departments.
  • Promote teamwork by holding group Lean Six Sigma training sessions.
  • Increase customer retention and loyalty.
  • Increase profitability from eliminating waste and improving customer word of mouth.
  • This combined-effect approach will allow for rapid improvement in people, processes and systems.


It’s time to establish next year’s budget. You know you have projects that need to be completed to stay competitive, meet customer expectations, and keep up with technology. Each department (customer service, sales, IT, etc.) has a list of ideas and projects that are important to them. How do you ensure that you’re selecting the most important projects and budgeting appropriately as a steward for your shareholders? Once the project has started, how do you know if it will work as intended or if unintended consequences can adversely affect customers? How do you know that you have received the benefits you expected after the project has been implemented?

We have experience executing a process that will address all of these questions. This process takes each project from conception to fruition. We begin with an initial discovery phase that measures a project’s scope at a high level. We then move you into the business case phase that tests the idea to determine potential operational risks and the projected return on investment (ROI). Next we utilize a building phase that identifies the design of people, processes, and systems required to build and implement the project. Lastly, we use a deployment phase that involves testing, training, launching (Go/No-Go), and measuring the results of the project.


  • Your entire organization knows and understands how projects are selected.
  • You have no approval bottlenecks.
  • Departments don’t waste time or energy working on projects that don’t produce adequate returns.
  • You know whether the entire initiative produces the results intended.