Are you scared to ask your customers how you’re performing?

Many times businesses assume that if no one is complaining, then they must be doing ok; kind of the no news is good news theory.

This couldn’t be further from the truth, because anything that can be measured should be; how else are you going to know where you need improvement or where you should back off?

Well CEG Partners has come up with a list of questions to ask your customers that if implemented, will guarantee you keep more customers:

Make a plan to call your best customers over the next 30 days. Ask them questions like:

  1. When was your last purchase with us?
  2. How was your experience? (get details from beginning to end of the process)
  3. What did we do exceptionally well?
  4. What could we have done better?
  5. What can I do for you today?

Put yourself in the customer’s shoes and imagine someone actually asking you these questions. Wouldn’t you feel like the company really cared about each and every individual, not just the bottom line? As a side note, keep in mind that these questions aren’t meant to be just for research, but rather to find any hiccups in your business processes so you can prevent unhappy customers from telling all their friends to never do business with you. The happiest customer can be the one who maybe initially had a bad experience, but because of the quick and efficient way their issues were taken care of, have become your biggest fan.