5 Tips to Make LinkedIn Work for Your Business

In my last article I discussed how to make Facebook work for your business. This article is more about LinkedIn, which is a completely different animal all together.

I recently tapped into the power of LinkedIn by exploring LinkedIn groups. If you aren’t utilizing and frequently engaging in LinkedIn groups, you should be! The referral traffic we got to our website grew exponentially, but it took a lot of work. So, in this article I’m going to tell you what I learned, and how you too can make LinkedIn work for your business.

  1. Join Groups – Not just any groups; and not just the groups that interest you – but the groups of people who are your target audience. If you want to speak to a group of people you need to be in their group, and speak to their needs directly. How can you help them? What do you bring to the discussion?
  2. Follow the rules – After you’ve joined a group pay attention to the auto-reply email you get with all the rules of that group in it and follow them, otherwise you will be booted out. It’s important to stay relevant and post content that is timely and under the right tab. For example, if you are selling Coach handbags you wouldn’t post a link to your website in every group discussion when that has nothing to do with HR, IT, or Engineering jobs for example. That is the quickest way to be flagged as inappropriate and be banned altogether.
  3. Give and take – Don’t use this platform, or any other for that matter, as your personal soap box or for free advertising. No one wants to hear you rant, and no one wants shameless self-promotion. There is a balance, and if you’re not sure how to act then read some of the other approved comments and discussion posts first and follow suit.
  4. Contribute – Similar to #3 you want to contribute your wisdom and assistance where it’s appropriate. If you have an answer to someone’s questions, great! Feel free to answer, but like any educated argument, make sure you back it up with sound evidence or research, not just because you said so, and not because it’s your opinion. Find your specialty to focus on – don’t try to be the expert in every group, only talk about what you really know about.
  5. Advertise – Utilizing all LinkedIn has to offer, whether it’s paid advertising, paid job postings, or even the free tools takes time and money, but will pay off if handled correctly. We have found what works and what doesn’t through research and trial and error, and we can take care of it for you. We can even create, place and run analytics on ads for you.

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