5 Reasons to Join LinkedIn

5 Reasons to Join LinkedIn: If you’re still unsure.

“Looking for a job without a proven process is like attempting to drive from Little Rock, AR to Destin, FL for the first time without a map.” Think of CEG Partners as your “GPS” for Career Management. –Mike Stafford.

One way to compare social networks as related to job search is to think of how you approach people you know. If you were looking to network on each one, here’s how to think of it.

Facebook = It’s like going over to a friend’s house to help him move and then saying, oh by the way do you know anyone hiring?

Twitter = Your friend at this great company just sent you a text message to tell you they are hiring but you need to get your resume in today or you will miss your chance.

LinkedIn = Getting dressed up with resume in hand then going for an interview or talking to a business associate about your new business idea.

Top 5 reasons to join LinkedIn. 

  1. 1.   225 Million people can’t be wrong.
  2. You can promote yourself as a professional.
  3. You have the ability to connect with hiring managers.
  4. You have an opportunity to connect with top influencers.
  5. You can research for your next job or business start-up. 

#1 – 225 Million people can’t be wrong. 

Yes, as of last week there are 225 Million LinkedIn members. However, that number grows by 2 people EVERY SECOND! By the time you finish reading this post, over 300 new people will have joined.

About 80 million of those LinkedIn members are in the U.S. That means more than half of the middle class in America is on LinkedIn right now. You might be surprised to know that both Barack Obama and Mitt Romney are on the top 10 list of Influencers on LinkedIn (guess who’s winning?). Chances are your boss, and your future boss, are already on LinkedIn. Another one of the reasons to join LinkedIn.

More stats:

  • 50 million unique visitors each week.
  • 2.8 million businesses have a LinkedIn Company Page. Every one of the Fortune 500 companies are represented.
  • The website is available in 19 languages.
  • It took LinkedIn 6 years to add the first 50 Million members and now they add more than 50 Million members EVERY YEAR!

#2 – Promote yourself as a professional. 

One of the major reasons to join LinkedIn is because it’s a major marketing channel: marketing your company or marketing yourself. Add a professional photo. You have 6 seconds to grab their attention – click here to read more. A good photo flatters but doesn’t mislead. The goal is for your photo to reflect how you will look when you meet a client or customer, not how you looked at that awesome party in Palm Beach eight years ago. Don’t make this a resume completion task. The headline is a key factor in search results. Whatever you want to be known as, or whatever job you want, is what your headline should include.

#3 – Connect with hiring managers.  

CEG Partners has polled 100s of people who have landed jobs in today’s environment and asked them this question – “What one thing was MOST important to your success.”

By far, the majority have said – “…because I knew someone on the inside.” 

Facebook is for fun, but LinkedIn is the “INSIDE” for professional career networking! 

#4 – Connect with top influencers.

Influencers can be people like Barack Obama, Mitt Romney, Arianna Huffington, and Sir Richard Branson (all of which are in the Top 10 influencers on LinkedIn). But those folks are out of reach for most of us. Some of the most important influencers to you are people who can help you get ahead in your current job or help you land your next big gig. That may even be one of your neighbors that you didn’t know worked at that company you are trying to get into.

This is what networking is all about, and LinkedIn is THE biggest online professional cocktail party.

It’s true that most of us can’t resist reading testimonials. So, once you are all signed up and have your profile completed, go ahead and give a few people recommendations. Yes, the laws of reciprocity apply on LinkedIn – you should give in order to get (recommendations that is). Recommendations give you credibility as a professional and will “open doors” for you to connect with other influencers.

Examples of influencers at Acxiom in Little Rock, AR:


#5 – Research for your next job or business start-up. 

Conduct a company search on LinkedIn for a business you want to work for. LinkedIn will display who in your network can help you with the position. With LinkedIn you can reach out through your network and find the right person at the company for more information, to answer any questions, or even introduce you to the hiring manager.



Spend less time on the Internet. You can’t call your contacts at midnight but you can access LinkedIn then.

In conclusion, there are many reasons to join LinkedIn, and we’ve just shown you five very important ones. If you’re already using LinkedIn, we hope you found these tips valuable.

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