3 Tips to Make YouTube Work for Your Business

You may think YouTube is just a place to watch that hilarious panda sneeze or other funny videos. But what you may not realize is that it’s also an effective place to promote your business, if done correctly. Considering the average viewing time is 2.5 minutes, according to co-founder Chad Hurley, you have plenty of time to get your message out to your target audience.

Most TV commercials are only 30 seconds and cost thousands of dollars, so utilizing this opportunity properly could really pay off. So here are the three tips to show you exactly how to leverage this valuable online tool:

1. Short and simple – Keeping in mind that viewers are only there for a couple of minutes should tell you that you need to get to the point fast. Give them the answer to their question ‘why should I care’ quickly. And keep it interesting from the start – no boring talking heads here.

2. Quality is key – Anyone who has viewed YouTube videos will tell you there’s a plethora of poor quality videos to view, and this is to be expected if you’re planning on watching a home video or funny blooper. But if you’re trying to sell products, services or ideas in a business setting, you’ll need to make sure the image you’re creating is up to par. Imagine that the CEO of a major corporation you want to partner with is watching. Or that company you would love to have on your roster is watching. That should set the bar for the type of quality you’re looking to create.

3. Use key words – Make sure it’s easy to find you by using the exact words people would use to search for your company, and utilize any analytics you have at your disposal to find them. Figure out what people type in when searching that leads them to your website, and you’ll be on the right track. Make sure you’re using all the SEO tricks from my previous article as well, only now for YouTube.

In conclusion, if utilized properly, YouTube can be a valuable resource for free advertising or promotion, as well as education. You can directly target your desired audience, and even get some subgroups of your targeted demographics. If nothing else, you will have one more platform that leads people back to your website where that all-important call-to-action is. More about improving your online presence here.

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