3 Recruiting Myths Busted

There are many misconceptions out there about recruiters and recruiting companies. I’d like to discuss the three biggest ones, and show you why these myths simply aren’t true for every company, and certainly not ours.

  1. You have to pay a big fee – BUSTED. For an individual this is absolutely not true. The only fee that is ever paid is by the company hiring you, and it’s not that large to begin with. There are many different fee structures based on the position, salary, and/or size of the company, but an employee should never be required to pay a dime, through salary or fee, to the company who found the job placement. If someone has scammed you into paying a fee for getting you hired you should report him to the Better Business Bureau — especially if you never signed an agreement saying you agreed to this charge. A good recruiting agency is much like an agent for any other kind of talent. Even models and actors know that the agent gets at most 30%, but only if he finds a client work, and that money is usually negotiated ahead of time. As for companies, like with anything, shopping around is always a good idea to ensure you’re paying a fair price.
  2. You are guaranteed employment – BUSTED. In states like Arkansas where an employer can fire you for any reason or even without giving you one, there are no guarantees. However, if you do your best and continue to grow as a person and employee – and do the best job you can for a company – then you are ahead of the game. Keep in mind your future is in your hands for the most part, and it’s in no one else’s capacity to keep you employed for any length of time. Your performance directly impacts your employment, and never let any agency or company tell you any differently.
  3. You won’t be paid as much – BUSTED. Just because a company pays a fee to the recruiting company who found you, that doesn’t mean they will try to make you pay for the difference in a smaller salary. Many companies are more than willing to pay a fee for good, quality talent because they know this will benefit them in the long run. The man-hours saved from not performing the searches or even the credentialing process alone are worth hiring a recruiter. Paying an entire HR department is almost always much more expensive than hiring a single recruiter to find top talent. You should never have to suffer for using a recruiting company, so don’t fall for this one either.

In conclusion, keep in mind that good recruiters have spent decades placing the right talent with the right companies. Our recruiters have connections you might not otherwise have, and they know what’s a good fit for everyone involved. You wouldn’t perform a serious medical procedure on yourself would you? So why would you try to be a recruiter for yourself when you have no experience at that either?

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