3 Major Misconceptions About Hiring the Right Talent

In my first article on Why Hire an External Recruiter we looked at the costs of hiring an internal recruiter, and all that goes into getting the right talent to fill a position in your company. Now I’d like to dig a little deeper and show you exactly what goes into finding and hiring the right person for the job.

Many people have no idea why it’s taking their HR department or internal recruiter weeks to find the right candidates for the open positions they need filled. They figure it should only take a week at most to get someone in the door. After all, isn’t it tough to find a job these days? Shouldn’t they be beating down the door?

Not so fast.

Here are the 3 major misconceptions people have about hiring the right talent, and why you should leave it to an expert recruiter (like ours) to do the job for you.

Misconception #1: List an ad and they will come – Just because you place a position on Indeed or some other online site, or even in the paper, doesn’t mean you’ll get a ton of applicants. And if you do, what a headache! You have to rifle through all of those horribly written resumes from people who aren’t even qualified and all of it just makes you wonder – Did they even read my ad? Sometimes that answer is no. They figure what the heck, the worst thing you’ll do is throw it in the trash. Which is true for them, but is annoying for you (and your HR department). Most companies get hundreds of resumes for a single job posting, and only a very small percentage are actually qualified, much less have enough experience to do the job well.

Misconception #2: Credentialing can all be done online – Are you kidding me? First of all, you have to pay each time you run a background check if you do it that way. Secondly, don’t forget about a credit check, reference check, and calling previous employers to ensure the applicant was truthful on their resume. If you run a background, criminal and credit check on just one single applicant you’re looking at days sometimes just to get all of that information back. Not to mention, all of that might look great on paper, but how do you know if they’re the right fit for the job? How is their personality? How do they handle conflict? What about a personality or behavioral assessment? All of these cost you time, money and effort that you don’t have. And honestly, does your HR department really have time to do that on hundreds of applicants well? Or do you think a single internal recruiter does? The answer is no.

Misconception #3: Interviewing is a breeze – Have you ever experienced a wonderful interview, hired the person, then a few months down the road wondered why on earth you did? That’s because people are on their best behavior in an interview. They’re nervous, yes, but they are going to tell you whatever you want to hear sometimes in order to get hired. Others aren’t very nervous at all. They’ve had several offers already, have practiced several times on what answers to give you, and are generally comfortable around upper management. But you have no idea what’s lurking beneath the surface of that candidate. For example, can you tell from a couple of interviews how a person will react under extreme pressure and stress? What about difficult conflicts or personality clashes? And better yet, what if they (gasp) don’t get their way!? These are all things you can’t tell from an interview.

This all bring me to my point. We have executive recruiters who CAN do all of the above, and have a proven track record of doing them well. And better than just interviewing candidates, they actually perform behavioral assessments if you so desire, just to ensure you’re getting the right candidate for your money. Just remember, each new hire is an investment; and you want to choose your investments wisely don’t you? Well you need an expert for that, just like you need an expert to handle your monetary investments.

Contact us today to learn more about our Executive Recruiting Services. There’s a better candidate out there. And we will find them for you.