Economic Survey Results – Good News!

Economic Survey Results are in - the News is Good!
Sales Revenue Forecast & Economic Conditions Forecast


Economic Survey Results are in – the News is Good!

Overall, CEOs and other Arkansas executives project that their company’s sales revenues are going to improve over the next 6 months. When comparing this most recent survey responses to this time last year, there’s a 17% improvement. Our CEOs and other business leaders in Arkansas also indicated that economic conditions are better today than 6 months ago. These results improved by 54% year over year!
This positive response is not without its concerns, specifically they also said the following items are still impacting the ability of their company to grow:
• Government Regulation and Compliance matters
• Growing their business with a Skilled Workforce
• Growing their business with Technological Innovation

This same group of executives’ also projects that their Arkansas employment will increase in the next 6 months. These positive responses increased by 43% as compared to this time last year. They did say that the main factors that are impacting their ability to grow their workforce are:
• Lack of qualified candidates (skills, education, & training) and
• The inability of their company to recruit the right talent

CEG Partners can help. Our solutions help companies with:
• Finding qualified candidates for their open positions
• Augmenting their staff with professional contractors and consultants
• Providing custom software tools to run their operations more efficiently

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