Cautious Optimism Revealed From Business Leaders Confidence Survey

There’s finally light at the end of the tunnel and good news for Arkansas businesses this year, as our survey of more than 100 CEO’s, Presidents and Arkansas leaders reveals*.

Over 64% of Arkansas business leaders said they expect increased sales revenues during the first six months of this year. This number increases to 73% if you eliminate the Health Care sector, which is great news for Arkansans of all professions.

To read more about these great findings in Roby Brock’s article in Talk Business, click here.

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* The Business Leaders Confidence Survey was conducted from November 17-26, 2013 in conjunction with Talk Business and the Arkansas Chamber of Commerce. The survey asked questions of CEOs, Presidents, Plant Managers, and other business leaders in Arkansas across all major industries, and more than 100 leaders responded.

Too Busy? Feel More Productive Today!

man and computer at capitol

By: Lou McAlister, Senior Consultant

Just because you’re busy doesn’t mean that you’re getting anything done. You can hide a lot of wasted time behind a mask of activity. A local businessman was legendary because he rarely slept more than 3 hours each night. He worked seven days a week.  Never took a holiday (except for Christmas and Easter mornings). By his definition, he worked incessantly. Turns out that he also produced very little except stress and a host of emotional problems.

Are you afraid that someone will catch you not doing anything? To-do lists, meetings, phone calls, research, and events can be used to fill your schedule and make you look as though you have a great deal to do. You may hate to admit that Read more Too Busy? Feel More Productive Today!

CEG staff bios

By: Mike Stafford, Managing Partner and Senior Consultant

You may have seen several blog posts and email blasts from us, without venturing over to the about us section of our website to see our bios. So, we thought we’d share a little about ourselves so you know exactly who you’re ‘talking to’ each week.

We’d love to chat with you as well, if you have any questions about potential employees or future employers. We can help people on both ends of the spectrum – both those looking for a job, and those looking for quality employees.

So, here they are, our CEG Partners’ staff and their respective bios. Enjoy!

About CEG Partners

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Not Interested in Others? Prepare to Fail.

Young businessman having dinner dollars on black background






By: Lou McAlister, Senior Consultant

In an upscale San Francisco eatery the other day, a member of the wait staff approached a table much like she had several others in the vicinity. She was upbeat, positive, pretty, and eager to do her job well. The patron couldn’t possibly have looked down on her anymore than he did, if he’d been on the Moon. He was surly, uncommunicative and rude.

Just over at another table, the same staffer approached the diners and was met with smiles and a pleasant greeting.

The situation was perfect for some observation and strategic eavesdropping.

At Mr. Rude Guy’s table, the diatribe was relentless. He wasn’t just being rude to Read more Not Interested in Others? Prepare to Fail.