3 Recruiting Myths Busted

There are many misconceptions out there about recruiters and recruiting companies. I’d like to discuss the three biggest ones, and show you why these myths simply aren’t true for every company, and certainly not ours.

  1. You have to pay a big fee – BUSTED. For an individual this is absolutely not true. The only fee that is ever paid is by the company hiring you, and it’s not that large to begin with. There are many different fee structures based on the position, salary, and/or size of the company, but an employee should never be required to pay a dime, through salary or fee, to the company who found the job placement. Read more 3 Recruiting Myths Busted

Online Marketing – The Wrap Up

In this series I’ve gone over the online marketing tips and tools you can use to improve your online presence. I’ve discussed how to draw people to your website, and how to make Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube work for your business.*

As with most articles, these have been great for the do-it-yourself types. But if you’re stressed and overworked or really don’t have time to read these articles, much less perform the tasks in them, then you’ve come to the right place. Read more Online Marketing – The Wrap Up

New Placement-HR Director at Snyder Environmental

CEG Partners is pleased to announce the placement of:

Shelly Martin as Director of Human Resources at Snyder Environmental 

Shelly is a proven strategic sales leader who successfully initiated growth ideas and money-saving tactics to increase overall revenue at her previous positions.  She is very knowledgeable in the creation and implementation of marketing, sales and business operations throughout her 25 year career. She remains dedicated to maintaining a reputation built on quality, client satisfaction and honesty in all relationships, both internal and external.

Snyder Environmental is thrilled with this placement and the work of CEG Partners. “Kevin made the recruiting and hiring process easy for us. We are completely satisfied with CEG Partners and are using them for our next search,” said Mike Jackson, COO at Snyder Environmental. 

Previously, Shelly served as a Division Manager and a Vice President of Sales at Snelling in Little Rock where she exceeded all sales goals with over a million dollars in annual revenues for three consecutive years. 

Snyder Environmental 

Snyder Environmental is a leader in environmental remediation services and offers a team of experienced professionals with legal, construction and engineering credentials. Their work is founded in the safe and compliant remediation of environmental issues, including toxic asbestos abatement and removal. The company’s internal culture of excellence ensures that projects are approached with state-of-the-art technology, and performed in a trustworthy and professional manner.

About CEG Partners

CEG Partners is a premier recruiting company that focuses on the client/customer experience.  We have the fastest turnaround time for finding the right talent for each client’s specific needs.  We even guarantee our placements.  CEG Partners offers executive staffing in these areas: Accounting/Finance, Information Technology, Engineering, Human Resources, Manufacturing, Supply Chain/Procurement, and Sales.

CEG Partners – There is a better candidate.


360 Reviews

360 Reviews: Sometimes it takes a cold shower…

By: Mike Stafford

Imagine you are on a business trip and you just arrived at your hotel, anxious to take a shower. As you quickly turn on the hot and cold faucets your phone rings. You answer it and have a 5 minute conversation with the front desk about why your bags were not yet delivered.  After you hang up you jump into your shower without checking the water temperature. You quickly shriek and jump back out as the water is ice cold!

What happened? You were shocked that everything was not as you had imagined it in your head.

This is exactly what happens at so many annual employee reviews around the country. Many people, maybe even you, think they are doing well at their job but never seem to get the pay raise they think they deserve. Just as you would check the shower temperature and adjust the hot or cold knobs to produce the desired effect, you should also check and adjust your work performance and others along the climb up the corporate ladder.

There is no better way to measure a person’s strengths and weaknesses than by using a 360 review survey. The best people to ask about an employee’s performance are the very people they are working with every day. These assessments ask the important questions of supervisors, peers and subordinates to get a clear picture of areas that need improvement. This is also an opportunity to highlight the strengths someone brings to an organization, to benefit both the employee and the company.

To delve a little deeper, here are three main reasons to use 360 reviews:

  1. You get a 360 degree view– Much like the name says, a 360 review gives you a 360 degree analysis of a person’s behavior, strengths, weaknesses, and performance by those closest to them. Many times employers have so many employees it would be impossible for them to get a firm grasp on just what exactly each employee does everyday. They usually only know about the bad things, or fires that need to be extinguished. Very rarely they may hear the good things someone is doing, but only if someone else tells them. This is why 360’s are so important. You can’t judge a book by its cover, or a person by their first interview. A 360 review is a great tool for digging a little deeper into a person’s performance.
  2. You know where they’ll fit best– Have you ever tried to fit a round peg in a square hole? Doesn’t work so well does it? The same goes for an employee who just can’t seem to fit into a department. There may be nothing wrong with the person; they just stick out like a sore thumb where they are, and you really didn’t see that coming. The only way to know what a person’s peers and subordinates think of a person’s performance or leadership is by asking key questions in an      assessment. 360 reviews ask questions you may not have thought of to figure out exactly what’s going on in a department or company.
  3. Actionable results– The results of good 360 reviews are in clear, bright charts that anyone can quickly understand. In addition, verbatim comments are very helpful. All of this information provides a complete picture of the person’s strengths and weaknesses, as well as suggestions for future improvements. It’s never too late for a 360 review, and many employers find that using them as part of an annual review is very helpful as a learning experience for everyone involved. (And it’s great motivation to improve before next year’s review).

So don’t jump into a “cold shower”, or allow your employees to do so. Regular feedback allows everyone to enjoy a warm growing environment. I’ve seen the benefits first hand of how 360 reviews can improve the overall moral, performance and cohesion of the workplace. Give it a try and see for yourself how valuable this program can be today.

More about 360 reviews: http://cegpartners.com/360-reviews/

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