5 Tips for Driving Traffic to Your Website

In my first article I discussed ways to improve your overall presence online.

This is the 2nd in the series and covers how to drive more traffic to your website, and what to do before you get more visitors. Remember, it’s not an ‘if you build it they will come’ project. It takes work.

Driving traffic to your website is a rather elusive task if you don’t have the right help or information guiding you along your path. Imagine your in-laws are coming into town and you want to have everything perfect for their visit. What are the things that go through your mind? You have the yard and landscaping done, you make sure the house is spotless, and you may even straighten up the garage. It’s the same principle for your website. You want to make sure your house (your homepage and website) are in order before visitors come. And once you have visitors, the most important thing to consider is what call to action do you want to be front and center. You must make it easy for them to know what the next step is, and how to contact you.

So how do you get more unique visitors to visit your site and stay there longer than 2 seconds? Well we have 5 tips to show you how, based on our research and measurements, and a little trial and error.

  1. Utilize Keywords and SEO – Most people don’t even know what SEO means (Search Engine Optimization), much less how to utilize it properly. If you don’t, you should visit a local college or university and go to a seminar or speak to one of the professors. You can do online research, or hire an expert to help you, but the bottom line is you have to use it! So how will people find you among the trillions of other websites if you don’t know the right key words to use? And how do you even know what people are typing in when searching for you? See the next tip.
  2. Use Google Analytics – You should already be using this one, but you may not know the gold mine you’re looking at until someone shows you all the inner workings of it. Once you know what people are using to find you (smart phone or device) and what words they are typing in (these will be your keywords), you are much more equipped to give them exactly what they’re looking for. You would be surprised what people type these days, especially if they’re using Google and it auto-corrects their spelling. For example, we thought resume was going to be the biggest search term for a company recently, but it wasn’t – it was curriculum vitae. I couldn’t believe people even knew that word anymore! So, once you have this information then what do you do? See #3.
  3. Litter your homepage – Litter? Yes, litter. Put those key words you discovered all over your homepage so that when people are searching for those things, you will pop up on the search engine pages higher than if you hadn’t. Just make sure the words are still what you want your company or brand to portray, otherwise you’re just misleading people and taking them on a wild goose chase, and that’s not really nice. But this is a good way to prevent just throwing random darts at what you think or assume people want to know about.
  4. Go mobile – If you discover that a lot of people are using their smart phones or devices to look you up, you need to get a mobile site, or make sure your site is mobile-friendly. You know how when you’re trying to find a contact number for someone via their website and it’s nearly impossible because you’re zooming and scrolling and can’t see it on your phone? Yeah, that’s annoying. So why on earth would you do the same thing to your customers? Make it easy to find your website, and easy to view – from anywhere, and any device!
  5. Seek help – If you would rather leave all of this to someone else because either A.) You’re too busy and don’t have time, or B.) It sounds like a lot of work, then you should just ask for help. It’s OK; it’s not like asking for directions, more like handing the steering wheel over. We would be glad to give you a consultation, show you measurement tools and results from our websites and other clients, and explain what our technical experts can do for you. We do everything mentioned above and can help you today.
    Contact us now for a consultation – 501-255-7751.

Remember – Building a website and driving traffic to it takes work, but with the right tools and information from CEG Partners, we can help you drive more traffic to your website without the hassle of starting over from scratch.

Employee Spotlight – Shauna Carpenter, CEG’s Online Marketing Coordinator

CEG Partners is proud to welcome their newest team member, and Online Marketing Coordinator, Shauna Carpenter. Shauna has 13 years of experience in marketing and public relations. She specializes in online marketing coordination such as social media communications, writing, editing, database management, blogging, email marketing, public relations, and press release development and implementation.

If you aren’t engaging with your customers where they are the most, online, then you’re missing out on huge opportunities to bring in new revenue streams. Your customers require new and relevant content and information about your company and how you can help them on a daily basis. Are you fulfilling that need? CEG Partners has proven methods of measurement to show exactly how effective online marketing communications can be, and how it can increase not only your customers’ experiences, but improve your bottom line. Contact us to see how online marketing communications can benefit you and your customers today!

Shauna joined CEG Partners to put her years of experience and skills to work for you. Her top priority is helping you achieve your professional goals and enhance your customers’ experiences. Throughout her career she has helped numerous businesses become more proficient and effective by streamlining processes and procedures to ensure a consistent brand image, as well as improve customer engagement and satisfaction.

Shauna graduates in May with a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism-Mass Communication, with a concentration on Public Relations and a minor in Marketing.

Radiology Associates, P.A. teams with CEG Partners to improve the customer experience by listening to employees

Little Rock, Ark., February 6, 2012 – Radiology Associates, P.A. (RAPA) recently surveyed 150 of its employees with the help of consulting firm CEG Partners. The study revealed areas of strong performance as well as processes that could be streamlined. CEG Partners recommended changes to improve operational efficiency and increase employees’ satisfaction with their work environment.

Alicia Kunert, Chief Administrative Officer at RAPA, said “We were pleased to learn a few operational changes could make a big difference in customer satisfaction. Our business relies on referrals, not just from physicians but from patients as well. Our goal is for everyone who experiences the care and professionalism of RAPA to recommend us to their friends.”

“Research shows that employee satisfaction is often the greatest predictor of customer loyalty,” said Mike Stafford, Managing Partner of CEG Partners. “RAPA has first rate physicians and staff who demonstrate real care and concern for their patients. Their investment in improving customer facing processes positions them well for strong year over year growth.”

Radiology Associates, P.A. (RAPA) is the largest outpatient radiology provider in Arkansas. RAPA physicians deliver care at over 30 imaging centers, clinics and hospitals across the state.

CEG Partners is a Little Rock-based consulting firm specializing in measuring and changing businesses’ processes to improve the customer experience.

Why Hire an External Recruiter? The Costs of an Internal Recruiter

Many CEO’s and owners of companies are asking themselves at least one of these questions on a weekly basis:

  1. What does employee turnover cost my company?
  2. What does it REALLY cost me to hire a director level position (in both time and money)?
  3. I thought this was a down economy – why isn’t my HR group finding the right candidates?
  4. Why does it take so long for HR to fill a position?
  5. Why did the person we hired 6 months ago not work out?

Many times the answers to these questions aren’t easily found without some research, which also takes time and money. So let me save you the hassle and get right to the heart of the issue at hand.

You need a recruiter.

You need a recruiter for several reasons, but the biggest is that hiring an internal recruiter or staffing an entire HR department, costs much more money than hiring a single external recruiter only when you need them. Think about everything that goes into hiring personnel. You have to run ads, place job descriptions on online websites, leaf through hundreds of resumes, interview candidates, and then perform background and credit checks. The price of having a salaried recruiter alone is usually much higher than just hiring a recruiter for a position you need to fill.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have someone skilled in all of the areas of recruitment to handle the entire process for you? Someone you wouldn’t have to micro-manage or check with each week to make sure the job was getting filled? Better yet, someone who could fill a position within two weeks?

We can, and regularly do at CEG Partners Recruiting Services.

Kevin Fair, our new executive recruiter is skilled in all of the facets of hiring and staffing. He can find top talent and match them with the right company to ensure a mutually beneficial fit. He’s been making these types of matches for over 15 years.

The best part – at CEG Partners we handle everything for you.

How to improve your online presence through online marketing

When it comes to online marketing and websites many people have this mentality that “If you build it, they will come.”

This couldn’t be further from the truth.

Like anything else worth doing in life you must have a plan, goals and measurable objectives, and –most importantly – you must be active!

This usually involves more time, effort and creativity than you have the resources or energy for. You need a media calendar to plan for frequent, relevant content posts and you need a good writer who can hook and hold a distracted audience’s attention. You also need calls to action which always draw the readers to click here, read more, or go back to your website.

Basically, you should always have all roads leading back to your website. On that note, my next article will be about how important your website is for your business and how you need this to be projecting the right image before EVER driving traffic to it.

But back to online marketing. Online marketing is a gray area for a lot of people mainly because they’re either not doing it right or they’re too busy to stay on top of it. But there’s a reason some people, like myself, have full-time jobs doing online marketing – because it works. But only if done correctly and strategically.

Furthermore you can’t tell if you’re doing anything right if you don’t, say it with me, measure it! My favorite quote is “If it can be measured, it can be improved.” And that is so true.

So, in order of importance for improving your online presence you need to do the following:

  1. Set specific goals, objectives, plans and tactics. Calendars are extremely helpful here, as are frequent measurements or meetings to check up on how things are flowing or if they’re going according to plan.
  2. Get your website optimized and looking perfect. Don’t send people to a rinky-dink website that looks like a third-grader created it. This is worth the investment, and it’s worth it to hire someone who knows a thing or two about SEO (for those who don’t know that’s Search Engine Optimization), so you can be found more quickly by potential clients.
  3. Hire a good writer. This one is so key for anything you want to do in business. Most business owners are great at math, money, detailed charts and graphs or analytical things, but they despise writing. You must have a good writer on staff at all times; they are always an asset.
  4. Get on the big three social media sites. Get a Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter account as soon as you get the first three points completed. My next articles will go over which ones are best for B2B, B2C, or networking opportunities, and how to utilize them in the most efficient and free ways.
  5. Consider utilizing YouTube. I know what you’re thinking – Huh? Why on earth would I use that for my business? I’ll tell you why in my final article of this series, but consider how great it is to put a face with a name or logo and to hear directly from a human how to do something, or to “meet” the CEO of the company you’re considering investing in or partnering with. Better yet, how about an educational or tutorial-based short video? Trust me, the possibilities are endless.

I know by now you may feel overwhelmed by the thought of all the to-do’s I’ve just listed. But CEG Partners is here to help. We have tested these tools on our own websites and other companies’ sites and have proven, measurable results showing they actually work.

Don’t forget – we have many resources at your disposal. So just what is our bottom line? We help smart companies become more profitable.