The One Thing Every Technical Recruiter Should Know

Being a recruiter, specifically a technical recruiter, your job is to thoroughly screen and dissect the skills of potential candidates. There are typical questions that must be asked in the interview to gain a better understanding of the candidate’s potential as well as their personality.  Here are some examples of questions you can use to steer the interview process:


  • Ask a “Tell me about a time when…” question to look for specifics in the candidate’s answer. If you ask them about a time they had to handle a conflict at work and their response is a specific incident, then they most likely have past experience.
  • “What did you like most about (job from resume) and why? What did you least like?
    ” This question will reveal the candidate’s motivations and personality.
  • “How have you used interpersonal skills to build your network or contacts?” Responses can show creativity of developing new work relationships.
  • “What type of projects do you enjoy working on?” and “What type of work are you not interested in?”
  • “Do you have any questions?” By asking the interviewee if they have questions, it will become aware if they have done research on the company.


These questions are great to develop a basis for potential candidates, but when it comes to hiring there is only one thing you have to know as a technical recruiter. Do they truly have the skills? Candidates can list anything on their resume, but as a recruiter you have to know what level of skills each person has- not just based on their resume. Newsflash: people do lie on their resume. For example, if a person claims to have java programming skills, only an employee with that specific experience would be able to test the candidate. It is too difficult to have another employee test everyone- this is where referrals come in. Checking referrals is a great way to see how the candidate worked at their past jobs and exactly how much programming they have done.

Along with referrals, online testing is a great way for technical recruiters to check a candidate’s skills. These online tests can be administered and taken within minutes. Online tests are easy and efficient for testing skills and knowledge of so many applicants. Testdome, Mocha, and Codility are great examples to check out.