10 Mistakes Recruiters Make: #9 Not asking for referrals.

Brandy Ford


By: Brandy Ford, Senior Recruiter and Consultant

In my last post I discussed the mistake recruiters make in failing to understand your client’s culture and what personality type they’re looking for. Today I’m going to discuss another mistake recruiters make, which is:

Common Mistake #9: Failing to ask for referrals.

Recruiters are awful, terrible, horrible people that call you while you’re working and offer you an opportunity for another job you just don’t care about. Sure, it may be more money, the boss isn’t a micromanager like your current boss, and the location is closer to your home, but no – you’re at work, and you have a job. Darn pesky recruiter. So, the recruiter hangs up when you say “I’m not interested”. This is a horrible mistake. They should have asked for a referral.

Referrals for me are some of the best hires and placements I’ve ever made. Referrals are people that your initial recruit offer up that are just as good, or better, than they are in the skill set you’re seeking.

Most of the time, a referral is worth cash too. If a recruiter asks you for a referral, ask them if there’s a reward that goes with it. You might find you have an extra $500 to add to your gold mine.


Check back next time for our final in this series, Common Mistake: #10 Letting a good candidate slip through the cracks just because they aren’t a current fit.

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