Tracking Customer Satisfaction

Know What Your Customers are saying about YOUR Business!

Keep Your Customers by Planning Ahead

With holiday season coming up you can guarantee that a good percentage of your customers have travel or vacation plans and their demands might differ at this time of year. Deadlines will be tighter and more restrictive, and their availability will be more limited. There is a high probability that they will also request expedited services with their holiday driven time constraints.
Be prepared to please them (and to keep them), start surveying your customers now. One place to start would be to have a link on your website that will take them to a short but specific questionnaire. You could also send an email out that has a link to your survey. Some important things to know about your customers are the following:

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IT Staffing and IT Certifications

IT Staffing and IT Certifications
No IT Certification? No problem. IT staffing with CEG Partners.

No Certificate? No License? No Problem!

There are too many qualified people out there who cannot get a job, even an IT job.  In some cases, it’s because the IT Staffing person believes that a particular certification is required to fill the position.  That’s a problem.  Companies should be hiring staff, especially IT staff, based on the individual’s experience and potential – not whether he or she can pass a test. Read more IT Staffing and IT Certifications

If you aren’t learning, you will become EXTINCT!

Technology Changes Quickly
New Technology

Technology changes rapidly.  Continuous Learning of an individual is just as important as Continuous Improvement at a corporation.  Companies spend a lot of time, effort, and money on improving their processes and systems, but not so much on improving their people.  I’ve talked to plenty of smaller companies who have NO training budget.  Even the larger ones are starting to pull back on formal training.  That’s why I believe it is important for an individual to create his/her own learning program. Read more If you aren’t learning, you will become EXTINCT!

A Career is a Marathon

I just turned 48 years old. That sure seems old to me now as I, like most people, thought I would be 25 forever. However, based on my genetics, some good clean living and God’s blessings – I’m only half way through my career. And I’ve really enjoyed my career so far.

When I’m not working, one of my favorite things to do is workout – more specifically, run. I ran long distance in High School, and I wasn’t too bad (set the record for the mile run in Jr. High). Later in life I ran 5Ks, 10Ks and even competed in a few triathlons. At one time I set out to train and complete a marathon. As a matter of fact, there are a lot of similarities to careers and marathons, looking back.

If you really stop to think about training for any kind of physically taxing event, you have a lot of prep work to do. And you have a lot of rules and tips to remember along the way; things you learned the hard way, or a mentor taught you. Read more A Career is a Marathon