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Know When Your Business Needs Outside HR Help

Most large businesses’ HR departments use recruiters, but smaller companies can also benefit from hiring a Human Resource Agency to take on the responsibilities involved in safe, effective hiring practices.  An HR person, besides sourcing, screening and hiring qualified personnel, is also in charge of making sure the company complies with all labor and employment laws. Affording someone to handle strictly HR responsibilities, especially in a smaller company or a start-up isn’t easy. When management tries to allocate various HR tasks over several employees (such as assigning payroll responsibilities to the finance chief or having department heads handle employee issues within their department), can be counterproductive.  If your company is growing, and HR responsibilities are overwhelming, outsourcing HR could be the solution you need.


  • TIME: You’re Taken Away From Your Job Related Tasks. As a business owner or upper management, you have many responsibilities that are not just providing the products or services for which your business or position was created.  An HR person spends quite a bit of time learning about employment law, running background checks, sourcing, phone-screening, pre-interviews and checking references for each candidate. The entire process, in order to get what you are need, is quite time consuming.  If you find yourself not getting the right resumes, or being disappointed in the candidates compared to their resumes, then it is time to get help.
  • LIABILITY: You Are Concerned About Liability.  A skilled recruiter is familiar with EEOC requirements, collective bargaining agreements, recruiting, and training, and is able to find job candidates to fill your staffing needs as well as culture fit. If you do have an HR person, but a specific job carries quite a bit of liability, you should consider an outside recruiter.   By outsourcing, you give responsibility to someone who is specifically trained in the practical and legal aspects of HR.  The cost of just one tax reporting violation could pay for a year of outsourced HR.
  • FINANCES: You Need to Save Money.  Outsourcing saves you time and money.  When you outsource HR, you gain the expertise of someone you won’t have to train or pay. For the most part, you pay as needed.  In addition, you receive services which may include time intensive tasks such as payroll. When you have a competent outside agency handling HR responsibilities, you spend a fraction of what you would to hire an extra person full time.
  • EFFICIENCY: You Can’t Respond to Changes as Quickly as Needed:  Businesses nowadays have to be deft and responsive to change in order to keep up with the competition. When a new opportunity or project comes along, you may have to find and hire employees quickly to meet your obligations.   There is no need to lose an opportunity because your HR person does not have the time to drop everything to focus on a time-sensitive opportunity.   It is much more efficient to use an experienced recruiter.

CEG Partners is experienced in technical staffing.  We have placed candidates in a wide variety of industries.  Some of the job titles that we have placed are:  Network Engineer, Project Manager, Program Manager, Database Administrator, Mechanical and Electrical Engineer, Quality Engineer, Process Engineer, Manager Home Service Operations, Director of Outside Sales, Director of Inside Sales, General Manager, Design Engineer, Senior Sales Manager and many more.  Let us help you with your company’s HR needs.

This is Not Your Father’s Job Search!

Hiring Millennials – Your Company Needs Them

 And Here is Why …

The first thing to consider when hiring these young and eager to succeed individuals is that training is not what it used to be.  This generation coming into the workforce, referred to as millennials, grew up using computers, smart phones and the internet.  New programs, applications and technical attributes come to them intuitively by the time they have joined the workforce.  If they seem genuinely interested in being part of your group and have most of the skills you require, give them a chance.  Of course there are exceptions, but in general, this group is very tech savvy.   Training cost in time and man hours should be very minimal to your company.  These talented individuals also tend to be on top of the latest and greatest in technical news, they will probably have innovative ideas when it comes to new technology within your company.

Statistics based on studies of “Generation Y” a.k.a. “Millennials”

  • By the year 2020 46% of all U.S. work force will be Millennials
  • 64 % will ask about social media policies during job interviews
    • 24% of those say it would be a key factor in accepting the offer
  • 52% say opportunities for career progression made an employer attractive
  • 65% said the opportunity for personal development was the most influential factor in their current job
  • Only 22% saw training and development as the most valued benefit from an employer

Based on survey findings, something else to consider is the millennial’s vision of a working environment.  Millennials understand technology has made it possible to be able to work from just about anywhere.  A good portion of them do not necessarily expect the typical 9-5.  Some of them are much happier and more productive sitting at their laptop getting things done all by themselves than they are being surrounded by people.  As long as the work is done, and they are able to effectively communicate with those they must communicate with then this may not be a negative attribute.  In actuality, it is more economical to hire a brilliant young mind and not pay to relocate them, it broadens your range of applicants as well as saving your company money.

Also, these younger people, ages 18-35, tend to consider the long recruitment process “archaic”, your process should be efficient and effective.  You need to be able to reassure your candidate that they will not get lost in a sea of resumes.

CEG Partners has a unique database with tens of thousands of candidates including “Millennials”, and we have access to even more qualified individuals.  Please contact info@cegpartners.com and be sure to visit our website at www.cegpartners.com .  Let us find you the right people!

Arkansas Business Leaders Economic Survey Mid-Year Results 2015

Results are in – Arkansas Businesses Continue to Project Revenue Growth

Optimistic Outlook Continues

The 2015 mid-year survey covers industries ranging from Airlines & Aerospace to Energy & Utilities – and every industry in between.  More than half the companies surveyed have an annual revenue of over $10M, more than 60 percent have over 50 employees and over 75 percent are officers of the company (CEO, CFO, VPs and other upper management titles.)

Recent results are similar to this time last year with 69 percent expecting sales revenue to continue to increase. Over half expect Arkansas employment to increase the remaining half of 2015 which is up 4% from 2014 so confidence levels are rising.

In answering to rate criteria based on its impact to Arkansas business leaders’ company’s workforce growth the top four responses are as follows,

  1. Candidate pool is limited
  2. Candidate skill set is lacking
  3. Candidates do not have required education
  4. Their company does not have the resources to recruit / hire

Our research indicates that the real problem is the fourth concern – Companies do not have resources to identify and attract top talent. What companies and candidates need is a type of “match-maker”. That’s the approach CEG Partners takes. We have a unique database of highly skilled candidates who live in Arkansas or are willing to move here for the right opportunity. We also offer consulting services to help accelerate your company’s profits.

About CEG Partners

CEG Partners is experienced in consulting, executive search and technical staffing. Our IT staffing agency includes – IT recruiting, IT staffing, Tech staffing, as well as sourcing IT consultants for many of our clients. Our consulting practice includes – Program Management, Six Sigma (and Lean Six Sigma), Customer Experience, Customer Retention, Process Improvement, Customer Loyalty, as well as Customer Surveys. Please contact us for all of your consulting and staffing needs, whether you’re a job seeker or an employer.

3 reasons to change your hiring process

stop wasting time

By: Kathleen Stafford Branton

If it takes you months just to hire one person, something is wrong. Clearly you want an expert when it comes to hiring the right talent, just like you want someone experienced to handle your taxes, or heaven forbid, a lawsuit. You don’t attempt things you don’t know enough about, or don’t have time for – and let’s face it, your HR department is likely stressed as it is. YOU may even be that stressed out HR recruiter!

We know recruiting, because it’s what many other companies like yours have hired us to do. With us, it’s about quality not quantity. We will send you no more than five qualified candidates, vs. the hundreds of unqualified resumes you’re probably dealing with today. We also have a risk-free placement guarantee and can even payroll the employee while you make up your mind.

So enough of all that, let’s help you figure out why your hiring process is broken Because like we said, if it takes you months, something is wrong.

Mistake #1: You have an inexperienced person looking for candidates. This should be common sense, but you’d be surprised how it’s not. Many times the person conducting the candidate search has no idea what the job really entails. Sure they have a job description, but we have found 80% of job descriptions only minimally describe the key elements of the position. The other problem is, they don’t know what your vision is, or who would be a good “fit” for your team and company. We take the time to really get to know your company, your industry and your desires in finding the right talent. There’s no guessing, so there’s no mistakes; it’s just that simple.

Mistake #2: Too many hoops. You can’t have so many hoops and rules that anyone trying to hire someone has to go through an elaborate process just to interview them. The best candidates are going to go quickly so they won’t put up with an inefficient hiring process. An inefficient hiring process also implies you don’t know what you’re doing; and let’s face it, bad word gets around quickly.

We aren’t those people. We have a proven track record of getting the job done quickly and effectively.

Mistake #3: Rushing the process. On the other end of the spectrum is rushing the process so much that you run the risk of hiring horrible talent who pretend to be someone they’re not. This will cost you time and tons of money. A bad hire can cost you money, time and embarrassment – depending on what they say and do with your customers. Nothing costs you more money than having to hire and train an endless parade of new employees. There shouldn’t be a revolving door; there should be an effective plan to ensure employee retention. And this can be achieved not only through improving your hiring process, but also through ensuring your employees are happy where they’re at. But that’s another blog for another time.

Look, we know you want to hire the right talent in the right amount of time. Don’t trust this process to just anyone, and don’t stress out your HR department any more than they already are.

Contact us today to see how we can help you.

About CEG Partners

CEG Partners is experienced in consulting, executive search and technical staffing. Our IT staffing agency includes – IT recruiting, IT staffing, Tech staffing, as well as sourcing IT consultants for many of our clients. Our consulting practice includes – Program Management, Six Sigma (and Lean Six Sigma), Customer Experience, Customer Retention, Process Improvement, Customer Loyalty, as well as Customer Surveys. Please contact us for all of your consulting and staffing needs, whether you’re a job seeker or an employer.

Hire The Right People

 By: Kathleen Stafford Blanton

The best way to find a needle in a haystack is to use a magnet!

 3 Tips to Hiring the Right People – Every Time By : Kathleen Stafford Branton

When you have open positions in your company, it can sometimes feel like finding the right talent is about as easy as finding a needle in a haystack. You’re bombarded with underwhelming resumes from people who aren’t qualified for the position, or who don’t have the education you’re looking for. It can be frustrating at times, and you wonder if they’re even reading your job description, or if you’re doing something wrong. Well, while we can’t control other people submitting resumes despite being under qualified, we can give you some tips to do your part to attract great talent.

 Tip #1: Have a well-defined job description: You need to be as descriptive as possible, the applicants need to – hopefully – know that you are very serious about the qualifications and experience you’re looking for. This also lets applicants know what to expect on the job if they were to obtain it. After all, no one likes bad surprises. It could also be that you need to actually fill two positions instead of one, or may need to combine two jobs into one. Either way, just be sure before you post.

Tip #2: Consider culture fit: Beyond qualifications, experience and education, you need to consider how this person or these people would fit in with the culture of your company. Every company has a certain culture, so what are you looking for in a person who would fit right in? You should add specific information about that as well. Click here to have our experts help you with this one.

Tip #3: Have one person dedicated to finding the right talent: This could be an employee with experience in recruiting, or you may need to hire a recruiter (we just so happen to keep several on staff). Why? Because if someone is busy doing their other job and respective duties, they won’t have time to devote to finding the right talent. They also may not have the relative experience or resources at their disposal.

About CEG Partners

CEG Partners is experienced in consulting, executive search, and technical staffing. Our IT staffing agency includes – IT recruiting, IT staffing, Tech staffing, as well as sourcing IT consultants for many of our clients. Our consulting practice includes – Program Management, Six Sigma (and Lean Six Sigma), Customer Experience, Customer Retention, Process Improvement, Customer Loyalty, as well as Customer Surveys. Please contact us for all of your consulting and staffing needs, whether you’re a job seeker or an employer.