Hiring The Right People

 By: Kathleen Stafford Blanton

The best way to find a needle in a haystack is to use a magnet!

The Needle in the Haystack

 3 Tips to Hiring the Right People – Every Time By : Kathleen Stafford Branton

When you have open positions in your company, it can sometimes feel like hiring the right people is about as easy as finding a needle in a haystack. You’re bombarded with underwhelming resumes from people who aren’t qualified for the position. Worse yet, they don’t even have the education you are looking for. It can be frustrating at times, and you wonder if they’re even reading your job description! Well, while we can’t control people submitting resumes despite being under qualified, we can give you some tips to do your part at attracting and hiring the right people.

 Tip #1: Have a well-defined job description: You need to be as descriptive as possible when hiring the right people. Applicants need to know that you are very serious about the qualifications and experience you’re looking for. You also need to tell applicants what to expect on the job if they were to obtain it. 80% of job descriptions I see miss this mark. No one likes bad surprises, especially after a hire.

Tip #2: Consider culture fit: Beyond qualifications, experience and education, you need to consider the cultural fit when hiring the right people. Every company has a certain culture, so what are you looking for in a person who would fit right in? You should add specific information about that as well. Click here to have our experts help you with this one.

Last But not Least

Tip #3: Have one person dedicated to hiring the right people: This could be an employee with experience in recruiting, or you may need to hire a dedicated recruiter. Why? Because if someone is busy doing their other job and respective duties, they won’t have time to devote to hiring the right people. They also may not have the relative experience or resources at their disposal.

About CEG Partners

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